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“Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice”

~Quote by A. Chekhov From the desk of Wysebridge Patent Bar Review (Philadelphia, PA) I came across this quote earlier today, and it resonated with me and some key points about the Patent Bar Exam, and the best way to study to pass the exam.  Practice.  What good is memorizing the entire MPEP (If you … Continue reading

35 USC 112: Another to know in your sleep

Earlier I mentioned how you should know, without even having to think, the 35 USC 102’s.  Probably in a close…very close second, is knowing 35 USC 112.  There are several “paragraphs” of 35 USC 112…and you’ll often encounter exam questions with something along the lines of “According to 35 USC 112, 6th paragraph.”  So, it … Continue reading


The below is a sample of what we’ve written on our site over at Wysebridge.com. Before you go further in your studies, it might be wise to take a few moments to think about how you tend to study, or have studied, in the past.  What’s worked for you.  Flashcards? Drawing diagrams?  Straight up memorization? … Continue reading

The MUST Know to Pass The Patent Bar Exam: 35 USC 102

We all know that the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (MPEP) is a gigantic document.  I mean, literally, having one printed at kinkos might double the national debt.  Ok, perhaps not, but what remains true is that the MPEP is over 3,000 pages of legal and technical language, tricky facts and rules, that often leave those … Continue reading

The Key To Passing The Patent Bar Exam Is….

This is the question isn’t it?  This is what every test-taker wants to know, and know SOONER rather than later in their own studies. Well, there probably might be much debate over this, but in my opinion, if you had to pick one, singular, key thing, that is essential to pass the exam, it would … Continue reading

A Chronological Look at One Test-Takers Path to Passing the Patent Bar Exam (Through Website Usage)

During Bryan Doreian’s path to passing the Patent Bar Exam, he utilized a number of resources and websites that are useful for anyone wanting to register and study for the Patent Bar Exam.  The links below also provide a little insight into the steps one will need to take to register, study, and pass the Patent … Continue reading

Start with Basics: What a Patent is, What a Patent Application is, and some other facts….

It seems pretty obvious right?  We’re talking about patents, and about you preparing to take an exam that will permit you to practice and represent clients, file patents, things of that nature. BUT:  Do you know what a patent is?  Do you know what a patent application is? Let’s start with the Patent: According to … Continue reading

Resources: Blogs to Follow for Emerging and Established Patent Professionals

Wysebridge is aiming to continue to help those who are both studying for, and have already passed, the Patent Bar Exam.  Apart from providing you with study resources, guides, and tips, Wysebridge is working to provide you with some of the best resources available online that also talk about the patent bar exam, as well … Continue reading

How To Improve Your Chances of Passing The Patent Bar Exam

We know that passing the exam isn’t easy.  So, you for sure want to be as prepared as possible to pass, and hopefully pass the first time around.  If you don’t (or didn’t) pass…fret not.  You’ve put in a good bit of time and energy, which means this time around it’ll be less work. 1. … Continue reading

The Largest Patent System Overhaul Since 1836: Leahy-Smith America Invents Act (AIA)

On September 16, 2012, the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act went into effect.  Or more commonly referred to as the AIA. The below is a quick snapshot of some of the changes. 1.  Inventor’s oath or declaration.   The AIA provides new options, and “greater flexibility” for filing a declaration An assignment document can act as a declaration … Continue reading

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