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How To Improve Your Chances of Passing The Patent Bar Exam

We know that passing the exam isn’t easy.  So, you for sure want to be as prepared as possible to pass, and hopefully pass the first time around.  If you don’t (or didn’t) pass…fret not.  You’ve put in a good bit of time and energy, which means this time around it’ll be less work.

1. Try and study (or review) material as many days a week as possible

Seriously.  Even if it’s only for a few minutes a day, make sure you are engaging your brain often with this material.  It will help down the road, and keep your mind thinking about the material you are learning.

2. Study in short, focused, time frames with breaks

Rather than doing long marathon study sessions, try and break up your studying into shorter segments (of 30-45 minutes).  What this would look like, is study for a bit, then take a break, or go for a walk, or get a snack for a few minutes, and then come back to studying

3. Do NOT pull all nighters (Especially the night before)

This isn’t college anymore, and this isn’t your typical exam.  You’ll fare MUCH better on exam day if you are rested.  Actually, we recommend the day before your exam, not really studying at all, but rather giving your mind a chance to rest.  Think about a race, or some sporting event.  If you go to the gym for 8 hours the day before a race, or some game, you will be involved in the following day, you’ll probably do MUCH worse and feel like garbage.  So give your mind a break.

4. Focus on the Material that Matters

Yup, some chapters haven’t been tested, well, really ever.  Do you know which ones?  Make sure you are studying effectively (and we can help you with that!)

5. Get to know how to search the MPEP

This will be an essential tool/skill for you to pass.


At the end of the day, this IS…just an exam.  Sure, it’s pretty hard.  Sure, a lot of people DON’T pass it the first time.  But, remember, it is just an exam.  Don’t make it out to be anything else than what it is.  It does not, nor should not, define you or who you are.



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