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Resources: Blogs to Follow for Emerging and Established Patent Professionals

Wysebridge is aiming to continue to help those who are both studying for, and have already passed, the Patent Bar Exam.  Apart from providing you with study resources, guides, and tips, Wysebridge is working to provide you with some of the best resources available online that also talk about the patent bar exam, as well as the intellectual property field.  Some of these resources will be useful to those studying for the exam.  Some of these blogs are more suited for patent professionals looking to hone their skills, develop networks and contacts in the industry, and stay up to date on the most current news.  In either case, Wysebridge hopes you’ll benefit from these resources, no matter where you are in your carrer or professional life!


1. Wysebridge Patent Bar Review News –  The Wysebridge News blog will continue to bring you the latest, most important news about the exam, changes being made to the exam, and helpful tips and insight into preparing to take the exam, as well as the latest news on patent bar study resources offered exclusively online by Wysebridge Patent Bar Review, the country’s most personalized and effective platform for passing the patent bar exam.

2. Wysebridge Patent Bar Review – Providing a LOT of free study resources and information (including tracking old exam questions, reporting which questions are showing up on current exams, study guides, test taking tips) Wysebridge continues to be the fastest growing platform for studying and passing the patent bar exam.  Wysebridge continues to remain dedicated to personalized, detailed, individual study assistance, while providing outstanding study materials.

3. WikiLawSchool – The main purpose of this wiki is to provide outlines for legal topics covered in law school (there are some posts and topics that deal with the patent bar exam)

4. MyPatentBar – this site was set up to keep track of old exam questions.  There are a slew of posts (the format is one long continuous post-reply-post-reply), with some decent information, but the site has not been updated in a few years.


FOR THE EXAM TAKER AND PATENT PROFESSIONAL (these blogs are more for understanding the current marketplace, the emerging trends, what’s changing in IP)

1. The Intellogist Blog – Learn about patent and non-patent literature search resources and techniques.

2. IPKat – Provides news on patent and trademark cases and issues from a global perspective.

3. PatentlyO – One of the top patent law blogs in the US providing up to date news on IP laws and stories, as well as providing detailed analysis of cases (both new and past)

4. ipwatchdog – Also one of (if not the best) IP blogs in the US, that focuses on innovation law and policy

5. Patent Baristas – a blog that focuses on biotechnology, pharmaceutical  and chemical patent and intellectual property issues


You can follow Wysebridge Patent Bar Review using a variety of social media sites, including TwitterFacebookLinkedIn and WordPress.  Stay updated on the latest tips, study suggestions, exam changes, and intellectual property updates.



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