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A Chronological Look at One Test-Takers Path to Passing the Patent Bar Exam (Through Website Usage)

During Bryan Doreian’s path to passing the Patent Bar Exam, he utilized a number of resources and websites that are useful for anyone wanting to register and study for the Patent Bar Exam.  The links below also provide a little insight into the steps one will need to take to register, study, and pass the Patent Bar Exam

Step 1 ) USPTO: Office of Enrollment and Discipline – Bryan first went here to read about the Patent Bar Exam, who qualifies, how to register.  At this site, you can find more Exam Resources (which includes past Exams and Exam result statistics), updates about the Patent Bar Exam , and a lot more information about the Patent Bar Exam.

Step 2) Patent Bar Exam Study Materials – Learn about Wysebridge Patent Bar Review, which were the materials Bryan developed and used himself to understand what the exam was testing and how to study, helping Bryan (and many others) gain the knowledge and detailed strategies he utilized to pass the exam.  You can utilize Wysebridge Patent Bar Review anytime, anywhere, as all of the resources are available online or for download.  Also, you can learn more about the power of Wysebridge’s Frequency Charts (which inform users of the likelihood of a certain question showing up on an exam), and Wysebridge’s Question and Exam simulators, one of the most effective study resources offered.

Step 3) Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (MPEP) – Bryan downloaded a copy of the MPEP (the version on the current exam is E8R8, NOT E8R9!) and by reviewing and testing himself on past exam questions, Bryan learned to navigate the architecture of the MPEP.

Step 4) Register For the Exam – While the official documentation is on the USPTO website, Wysebridge has broken down these instructions into easy to understand language, and made the process of figuring out how to register more simple.  Bryan made sure to do this within the timeframe of his desired test date (remember, you only have 90 days to take the exam after your registration is accepted).

Step 5) Prometric’s website – After receiving an official acceptance letter to sit for the Patent Bar Exam by the USPTO Bryan utilized this website (the only one you can!) to schedule to take the Exam at a Prometric testing center.

Step 6) Prometric Exam Tutorial –  This is a brief tutorial/demo of what the exam will feel like/look like.  Not a bad thing to look at briefly, to help calm your nerves and get familiar with what the exam will feel like.

You can follow Wysebridge Patent Bar Review using a variety of social media sites, including TwitterFacebookLinkedIn and WordPress.  Stay updated on the latest tips, study suggestions, exam changes, and intellectual property updates.



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