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The Key To Passing The Patent Bar Exam Is….

This is the question isn’t it?  This is what every test-taker wants to know, and know SOONER rather than later in their own studies.

Well, there probably might be much debate over this, but in my opinion, if you had to pick one, singular, key thing, that is essential to pass the exam, it would be this, and should be an essential to any patent bar review offering:

Practice.  Practice old exam questions.  Practice new exam questions.  But for the love…practice.

When I was going through my studies, I had zero law or legal background.  Patent law was a foreign language to me, let alone the fact I had zero UNDERSTANDING what the words I was reading meant.  I tried to start reading summaries, but everything was so abstract, it didn’t make any sense.  So I grabbed some old exams, started compiling lists of questions from online blogs, and practiced reading, looking at, and finding answers to, exam questions.  This is, I think, bar none, what got me through the exam.  Not only was I familiar with fact patterns (and I even encountered some exact repeat questions), but I had learned how and what the exam was testing.  I had learned how to search the MPEP.  I had learned how to pass the exam.

Think about it:  you could spend hours reading and reading and trying to understand some chapter review.  OR, you start looking at questions, learning the material as you go along, actually APPLYING it to questions.  And, on top of that, by looking at old exam questions (and, perhaps as important, reviewing and learning “NEW” exam questions that are showing up on actual exams, which we provide at wysebridge), you’ll probably get 5-10 easy points just from remembering answers.

So, that’s it’s.  However you want to do it, great.  We’ve tried to make it as straightforward and streamlined as possible (especially when it comes to reviewing and practicing using new exam questions, as often the information available online is either 1) wrong or 2) so scattered, it’s both difficult and time consuming to trudge through that information).

Get practicing!

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