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“Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice”

~Quote by A. Chekhov

From the desk of Wysebridge Patent Bar Review (Philadelphia, PA)

I came across this quote earlier today, and it resonated with me and some key points about the Patent Bar Exam, and the best way to study to pass the exam.  Practice.  What good is memorizing the entire MPEP (If you do that, please, let me know as I’ll probably drive or fly out personally to bear witness to that achievement), what good is it to know every detail of the MPEP…and yet have NO IDEA what to expect on game day (the exam).  That’s kinda like memorizing every play in the playbook, and never stepping foot onto a field.  Or again, reading every medical textbook but never performing a surgery.  Or reading all about photography, but never taking one shot.  It’s great to have all that knowledge, but you really need to put it into practice.  (And, that’s assuming you can memorize the entire MPEP!)  For those of us who can’t and probably never will be able to memorize that tome of a document, it makes practicing even more important.

Perhaps even more specifically, learning through practicing questions, is probably one of the best and sure-fire ways to pass this exam.  Why?  Well, you’re in a race.  You have 3 hours…180 minutes, to look at, digest, and answer 50 questions.  That’s about 3 minutes per question.  And you do this twice…once in the morning, once in the afternoon.  You literally are working against the clock.  So, the more comfortable you are with the TYPES of questions that you’ll encounter, with the TYPE of information that will be tested, the more leverage you give yourself to pass the exam.

How will you be able to know the “call” of a question (what the question is REALLY asking…watch out for those pesky “all of the above are correct…except questions.  Although, on your exam, the “except” probably won’t be bolded and sticking out.  If you just fly through, without knowing to look for this, you’ll miss valuable points.

So how do you get comfortable and aware of what to expect?  You practice.   A Lot.

How do you learn the material and how to APPLY what you learn?  You practice.  A Lot.

How do you figure out what’s being tested on current exams?  You practice.  A Lot (using current materials!)

That’s why we created the Wysebridge Patent Bar Review…to give you endless opportunities to practice, using both tried and tested older exam questions as well as a continuously growing database of “new” questions that are appearing on current exams.

You can follow Wysebridge Patent Bar Review using a variety of social media sites, including TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn.  Stay updated on the latest tips, study suggestions, exam changes, and intellectual property updates.



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