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How to Register for the Patent Bar Exam

So, I’ve been talking a little about various elements of the patent bar exam.  But, something as simple as figuring out how to even register for the exam can cause much headache and unnecessary confusion.  Over at Wysebridge Patent Bar Review, we’ve outlined and streamlined the process, and I figured we probably should post here as well! … Continue reading

The MPEP and Study Guides…One without the other

  We’ve been discussing the MPEP a lot recently here, and for good reason.  Besides the fact it’s a gigantic document.  Besides the fact that anyone thinking about taking and passing the patent bar exam must be familiar with tit.  Besides the fact that it’s rather confusing, cumbersome, and intimidating.  Besides the fact that…wait, what … Continue reading

So many rules, so little time…

In talking with several individuals online preparing for the Patent Bar Exam, it’s become clearer that the MPEP at first glance is an overwhelming document (ok, maybe even still at second and third glances as well)!  In some of my previous posts, I talked about some key concepts and rules to know.  However, today, instead … Continue reading

MPEP: What is it, Why is it so LARGE?

The MPEP is the manual for patent agents and patent examiners published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). In short (Ha…pun intended!) it’s a long, long document (Over 3000 pages) that describes the laws and regulations that must be followed in the examination of U.S. patent applications.  It also outlines in detail … Continue reading

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