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So many rules, so little time…

In talking with several individuals online preparing for the Patent Bar Exam, it’s become clearer that the MPEP at first glance is an overwhelming document (ok, maybe even still at second and third glances as well)!  In some of my previous posts, I talked about some key concepts and rules to know.  However, today, instead of going into detail, I’ll list some of THEE most (in my summation anyway) important rules, laws, and concepts to know.

Basically, you’ll want to probably know or have these down without having to refer to the MPEP.

The biggies:

  • 35 USC 102
  • 35 USC 103
  • 35 USC 112

These three you should probably (and by probably, umm…by all means, you should pretty much know in your sleep) have a good handle on.  If you’re just starting out with your studies, don’t fret if these concepts don’t make sense yet.  As you study and progress and begin to practice using exam questions, you’ll find that the laws and regulations will become clearer, and in time, you’ll find yourself applying appropriate rules when need be.  It’s a learned “trust.”  But for now, memorizing and for sure knowing the broad material in these rules is essential.

On top of these, what else:

  • 35 USC 119 (a-e)

(And, some rules…)

  • 37 CFR 1.34
  • 37 CFR 1.41
  • 37 CFR 1.47
  • 37 CFR 1.48

That’s a good start….and having these down so well that you barely have to think on exam day (or come time for your job as a patent agent/attorney) will go a long way, as you’ll want to expend your energy in other areas!

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