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The MPEP and Study Guides…One without the other


We’ve been discussing the MPEP a lot recently here, and for good reason.  Besides the fact it’s a gigantic document.  Besides the fact that anyone thinking about taking and passing the patent bar exam must be familiar with tit.  Besides the fact that it’s rather confusing, cumbersome, and intimidating.  Besides the fact that…wait, what were we talking about?  Oh yeah…the MPEP.

The MPEP well, frankly, is daunting.  Trying to even begin to understand it’s contents, what it’s saying, is a challenge, ESPECIALLY if english isn’t your first language.  It’s technolo-gese. / law-speak, which in and of itself is a foreign language to many (especially those NOT in law school). So you’ve got that barrier to overcome no matter if you speak and can understand english fluently or not.  On top of that, if you are picking up the MPEP wondering what you’ll need to know for the exam, you’ll be left befuddled, studying without guidance, and frankly, expending a LOT of time and energy.  I’m willing to take a guess that you don’t have a lot of either to expend, especially when it comes to studying for this exam.  All that being said, in order to successfully pass the Patent Bar Exam, you’ll have to actually open the MPEP and understand it’s contents.

This (shameless plug here) is why Wysebridge is here, and where we can help.  Our Patent Bar Review provides easy to understand, simplified (in terms of the english words used) explanations of the pertinent material in the MPEP.  Yes, allllll the material in the MPEP is important.  There are just some sections “more important” that tend to be tested more frequently. Our study guides and reviews provide a simple framework to help understand and walk through the material in the MPEP.  Again, we’ve taken the time and energy to figure out the important things, so you can study more efficiently.

The point is to get you to pass the exam, by preparing as effectively as possible.  This means not only concise and useful study materials, but personalized feedback, helping to reduce otherwise unnecessary stresses.  Again, I’m pretty sure you all have a thousand things vying for your time and energy.  The last thing you need while preparing to take the exam is more stress due to unanswered questions, confusion, over how and what to study.

So go take a look at Wysebridge and see what we’re offering.  We occasionally run specials from time to time as well.  But, you shouldn’t really undertake studying without some sort of assistance along the way.

As always, you can follow Wysebridge Patent Bar Review using a variety of social media sites, including TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn.  Stay updated on the latest tips, study suggestions, exam changes, and intellectual property updates.



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