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Hi all, In an attempt to streamline and make studying more effective and efficient for you all, we’ve moved the Blog over to the parent site (www.wysebridge.com).   We’ll be continuing to keep updates and posts rolling..they’ll just be hosted over at Wysebridge, instead of here. All the best! Advertisements

How to Register for the Patent Bar Exam

So, I’ve been talking a little about various elements of the patent bar exam.  But, something as simple as figuring out how to even register for the exam can cause much headache and unnecessary confusion.  Over at Wysebridge Patent Bar Review, we’ve outlined and streamlined the process, and I figured we probably should post here as well! … Continue reading

The MPEP and Study Guides…One without the other

  We’ve been discussing the MPEP a lot recently here, and for good reason.  Besides the fact it’s a gigantic document.  Besides the fact that anyone thinking about taking and passing the patent bar exam must be familiar with tit.  Besides the fact that it’s rather confusing, cumbersome, and intimidating.  Besides the fact that…wait, what … Continue reading

MPEP: What is it, Why is it so LARGE?

The MPEP is the manual for patent agents and patent examiners published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). In short (Ha…pun intended!) it’s a long, long document (Over 3000 pages) that describes the laws and regulations that must be followed in the examination of U.S. patent applications.  It also outlines in detail … Continue reading

35 USC 112: Another to know in your sleep

Earlier I mentioned how you should know, without even having to think, the 35 USC 102’s.  Probably in a close…very close second, is knowing 35 USC 112.  There are several “paragraphs” of 35 USC 112…and you’ll often encounter exam questions with something along the lines of “According to 35 USC 112, 6th paragraph.”  So, it … Continue reading


The below is a sample of what we’ve written on our site over at Wysebridge.com. Before you go further in your studies, it might be wise to take a few moments to think about how you tend to study, or have studied, in the past.  What’s worked for you.  Flashcards? Drawing diagrams?  Straight up memorization? … Continue reading

A Chronological Look at One Test-Takers Path to Passing the Patent Bar Exam (Through Website Usage)

During Bryan Doreian’s path to passing the Patent Bar Exam, he utilized a number of resources and websites that are useful for anyone wanting to register and study for the Patent Bar Exam.  The links below also provide a little insight into the steps one will need to take to register, study, and pass the Patent … Continue reading

Resources: Blogs to Follow for Emerging and Established Patent Professionals

Wysebridge is aiming to continue to help those who are both studying for, and have already passed, the Patent Bar Exam.  Apart from providing you with study resources, guides, and tips, Wysebridge is working to provide you with some of the best resources available online that also talk about the patent bar exam, as well … Continue reading

Welcome to Wysebridge!

Welcome all! If you are preparing to take, or are considering taking the Patent Bar Examination, you’ve come to the right place to get some help, feedback, and a personal perspective of the exam.  We might be “newer” around the proverbial “studying block,” but we tend to feel that gives us a fresh perspective on … Continue reading

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